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Golfito Info

Located 340 kilometers southeast of San José is the sleepy little harbor town of Golfito - one of the most beautiful settings in Costa Rica. The towns northern portion, known as the "American Zone", was formerly where the "Bananeros" or Banana Company bosses lived in a collection of classic hardwood houses. These homes reflect beautifully the tropical architecture of the 1930`s.


From 1938 thru 1985, this region was important for the American company know as "United Fruit". The year 1985 was a devastating one for the company. A banana blight, labor disputes, strikes and an increase in taxes per box of bananas resulted in the decision to abandon Golfito and relocate.
Within six months unemployment and poverty reigned. The managers homes were vacated and the town begann to to decay, slipping towards obscurity.



In 1990 the Costa Rican government, in an attempt  to instill new life into the town, established a "Duty Free" zone know   as "El Deposito". It`s bargains attract both "Ticos" and forengers alike. 


Eco-tourism has also injected new life into this little banana town. More and more adventure travelers have discovered Golfito with it`s picturesque location and simple, inexpensive lifestyle.
Rides into the Golfito Nature Reserve, hikes, the waters of the "Golfo Dulce" with world class sportfishing, surfing, swimming and a variety of so many other activities are now available to all visiting this truly unique tropical paradise.


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