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Border mood Panama- Costa Rice


Only 45 minutes by car from Golfito is the border crossing to Panama. At the border there are 2 roads parallel, one on Costa Rican and one Panama side.


Between this streets are large department stores, mainly in hands of Lebanese and Chinese. When you arrive by car, turn left at the top. After 200 metres comes the "Dollar Mall". By the parking lot is a nice semi-invalid watching cars for one or two dollars.


It is quite hectic there at the border because the prices are reasonable. (Panama duty-free) example original Swiss Army Knives are cheaper then in Zurich. Slowly you stroll through this scene, left the big stores and small kiosk on the right with cheap waches, CD copies etc.

You pass by the "Almacen Wong Chang". Here you can enter to the store on Costa Rican side and go out on the other side of the store and you`re in Panama.


Approx 50 metres you can see the "Bar Amistad". Whoever drinks here a beer appeared in the Panama world. Big hats, loud music and lots of alkohol. Back to the costarican side about 200 metres downwards is the "Bar Ave Fenix". Here after noon scantily clad women, mostly from Colombia or Dominican, offer their services.


On the return trip to Golfito, by Coloradito, there is a turn off to the right with the sign "Manu".

After two kilometres is a small lake with many water birds, caimans and turtles that can be easily observed by the hillside restaurant. You get binoculars provided.


Do not bay to much on the border. The limit is $25.- There is a check point.