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Explore Golfito by foot


The town lies on a narrow strip between bay and a steep hill.

Our tour starts in the current centre, called "pueblo civil", with shops, office buildings, restaurants and bars. As suggested by its name this quarter was build by the civilian population after the banana company settled in the northern sector.


On waterside of the bay, the way leads us to the pier from de banana port. Its benches invite us to relax.

Afterwards, before the "Banco Nacional" we go up to the cross street. Here we can see typical worker houses of the United Fruit Company (Belle Vista). 400 metres further we reach the edge of the forest and walk along the road to the left. After the last house about 100 metres above sea level we have a wonderful view down to the harbor.


The road takes us in a circle back to the "Banco Nacional" and then turns to the right. On the left side we can see the Catholic Church built entirely of wood and later the beautiful long stretched building of the hospital.


Then we come to the "zona americana", were the bosses of the UFC were living in there villas. Our path leads to the upper road through this area, past the mansion of UFC President and Vice President. It continues as we are getting to what is arguably the most beautiful airport in the world. The runway is on the edge of the jungle and the landings of the aircrafts are spectacular, you can wach them close by.


Now we walk down to the main road to the back side of the free trade zone. After 400metres we arrive to the entrance. You should not miss a chance to go in to watch the busy people, shopping on this funny atmosphere.


Some people say, Golfito is a unattractive city. Who has don this tour, will see it different.



Fishing Boat
Pueblo Civil
Lapa roja
Bella Vista